Hi I'm Jess, founder of Little Blue Skeleton Records,

I wear many hats (engineer, producer, songwriter and artist) and collaborate with many other artists to create a bredth of music. I also will bring in professional musicians if so required, and collaborate with other producers if the brief needs it.

I've been working as music production freelancer for many years, am reliable, dedicated and create high quality music to spec.As a multi-instrumentalist (Ukulele, Guitar, Piano, Bass) and singer I can create most any composition with the equipment I have, as well as create songwriting demos quickly and professionally.

I am versatile and can explore many styles: Classical, Hip Hop, Jazz, Soul, Reggae and anything in between.

I like to have fun with what I'm doing and really bring my soul into what I create- even if I am to be doing the work I see the process as collaboration with you, the client. This makes for exciting art.